Firefox OS – What you need to know about this mobile platform

At the recently concluded Mobile World Conference, Mozilla gave the audience a peek into their long awaited Mobile Firefox OS. Firefox OS promises to be as open as the Firefox Browser and will run apps on the language of the web: HTML5. What’s the big deal about Firefox OS? How is it different from or better than Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the rest? The Firefox Mobile OS Firefox OS is a mobile Operating System built on open web standards and works a lot like Firefox and other browsers. It was created for catering to smart phone users that have near

jQuery 2.0 and 1.9 – What it means for you as a developer

As you may have already known, the amazing people at have come out with a new major release of the jQuery javascript toolkit. The jQuery is now at version 2.0. But you may also have noted that they are also actively maintaining version 1.9. This post will try to clarify why the developers are maintaining two versions of this ever popular toolkit as well as which version you should be using in your website / app.   Cleanup The jQuery library underwent a massive cleanup in it’s code base in order to remove insecure, inefficient, ineffective, and inadvisable features. As